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Attract the Future: Discover the Work-Study Programs at ISMAC

Are you a student looking to gain significant professional experience while earning a degree? Work-study is the ideal solution for you! At ISMAC, learn while working and obtain a degree that is highly valued in the job market.

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Who is Work-Study For?

Work-study is open to all young people aged 16 to 29. It is even accessible from the age of 15 after middle school in certain cases. For disabled workers or those with a business project, there is no age limit.

For foreign students, it is required to have lived in France for one year. For the Bachelor’s program, work-study is only available starting from the 3rd year.

Which Jobs and Sectors?

All sectors are within reach: from construction to management, from healthcare to IT, and much more!

The Advantages?

  • A recognized degree
  • No tuition fees
  • Direct application of theory to practice
  • A salary during training
  • Easier access to employment thanks to the experience gained

How to Find a Company?

We guide you in finding a company through established partnerships and active networks. Additionally, our advisors are here to assist you with writing your CV and cover letter.


The world is filled with organizations that promise professional placements, but too often, students find themselves without a partner company, anxious about starting their training without a contract in hand. At ISMAC, we stand out through our commitment to a personalized educational experience. As a human-sized institution, we closely support you. Our small class sizes not only enhance the quality of education but also reduce competition for internship or apprenticeship opportunities.

We take pride in our proactive approach to guiding our students through every step of their placement process. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to establish and maintain strong partnerships with companies, ensuring a diverse range of opportunities tailored to your career ambitions.

Act quickly to secure your place. Our tailored approach means that follow-up offers are exclusive but limited – it’s a real “first come, first served” opportunity. Don’t let hesitation keep you from the career you deserve. Enroll at ISMAC and turn your academic journey into professional success.

Your Role as a Work-Study Student

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