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Imagine R package
The imagine R pass is the most economical ticket for regular travelers. It offers savings of around 50% compared with the Navigo Annuel pass. And with the “Bons Plans” card, you’ll benefit from numerous advantages all year round at many imagine R partners. It’s valid all year round, and lets you travel as much as you like during the week on all modes of transport in the Île-de-France network: Transilien train, RER, metro, bus, streetcar and Noctilien (except Orlyval).
If you’re under 27, you can subscribe to the SNCF 18-27 card, and benefit from guaranteed discounts on every journey. Looking for great travel deals all year round? Your Jeune 18-27 discount card gives you reduced fares on your TGV, TER and Intercités journeys. It costs €50 (1) for one year and entitles you to..:
  • a guaranteed 25% discount on all trains, by booking at any time, up to the last available seat
  • up to 60% off your bookable TGV and Intercités journeys, by anticipating your journey
  • 50% discount on your TER and Intercités journeys without booking. This reduction applies to journeys starting in the blue period of the passenger calendar, if you can anticipate your journey.
  • discounts on last-minute tickets reserved for Carte Jeune 18-27 holders.
With the TGVmax subscription, unlimited travel for €79 a month!
  • I travel every day on all TGV and INTERCITÉS destinations with compulsory reservation
  • I travel in 2nd class, except during peak periods, and book 30 days before my train’s departure.
  • I book within the limit of available seats and cancel free of charge until my train departs.
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Health insurance for students At the start of the 2018 academic year, health protection for the 2.5 million students will be simplified. The “Orientation and Success of Students” Act of March 8, 2018, has put an end to the student social security system. Students will no longer have to register with the “Sécu” at the start of the 2018 academic year. As of September 1, 2018, the annual contribution of €217 (2017 amount) is abolished. As of September 1, 2018, students enrolling for the first time in a higher education institution will no longer change their health insurance scheme: they will remain registered (affiliated) as autonomously insured with their current scheme, generally that of their parents. Foreign students coming to study in France for the first time are required to complete a number of formalities in order to have their healthcare costs covered. Information for foreign students For more information on health insurance : click on News on health insurance for students
You are registered on Parcoursup: certificate of deregistration The attestation de désinscription must be downloaded by applicants who wish to register for a higher education course outside Parcoursup. It can be downloaded directly into your file, in the “Attestation” section. You are not registered on Parcoursup: attestation of non-registration The attestation of non-registration must be downloaded by applicants wishing to register for a higher education course outside Parcoursup. It can be downloaded here click here/a> Click on “Continue Click on “Download my certificate of non-registration on Parcoursup”.
A compulsory step for enrolling in higher education What is CVEC? CVEC is the Contribution de Vie Étudiante et de Campus (Student and Campus Life Contribution). By law, it is collected by the Crous. The CVEC contributes to improving living and studying conditions, and stimulating campus life. It is intended to :
  • provide social, health, cultural and sporting support for students
  • bolster prevention and health education initiatives aimed at them
If you hold a visa valid as a residence permit or a student residence permit and wish to continue studying in France, you must apply to renew your right to stay. Renewal depends on a number of conditions (progress in your studies, resources, etc.). You will be asked to provide supporting documents. The card may be issued for one year or more (multi-year card), depending on the degree you are studying for. A fee is charged. Right to a multiannual title The multi-annual card is valid for between 2 and 4 years. You are automatically eligible : after 1 year in France (on a long-stay visa valid as a residence permit (VLS-TS) or student residence permit), if you are pre-registered or enrolled in a course leading to a diploma at least equivalent to a Master’s degree (list established by decree). For example, if you have completed your bachelor’s degree in France and are accepted to study for a master’s degree, you will receive a 2-year residence permit. If you are continuing your studies at a grande école, you will receive a renewal card covering the end of your training (until you obtain your engineering diploma, for example).
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