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Soongsil University Seoul

Soongsil University

Founded in 1897 and located in Seoul, the university ranks 15th among South Korea’s 189 universities. It is renowned throughout the country, specializing in management and the humanities.

University website :

A few figures

  • 14 000 undergraduate students
  • 3 000  master’s students
  • 2 000 foreign students
  • 49 undergraduate departments
  • 55 master’s departments

University exchanges

Our students can spend a full semester at university from March to June..

They are housed on the university campus

Summer courses

Nos étudiants ont la possibilité de suivre des cours d’été (en anglais) et de bénéficier de l’acquisition de crédits

Communication & media

  • Business Negotiation
  • Business Communication
  • Media Industry in Korea

Business & economics

  • Financial Management
  • International Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Korean studies and language

  • Korean Language
  • Learning Korean through Media
  • Discover Korea : Politics, Economy and culture
  • Understanding K-pop
  • K-Beauty and Make-up

Our training courses include this exchange:

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