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ISMAC’s main objective is to help students realize their educational and professional projects, to train today for the world of tomorrow, and in particular to acquire the keys and skills to work abroad, integrating new issues and new technologies.

Are you looking for a work-study program?

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We have available job offers, and as a small-scale school, you have a higher chance of accessing them and finding employment.

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You pay nothing to register for the work-study program, so there is no risk. Don’t have a work-study placement? You can either stop or continue in the traditional program.

September Objective

Our team aims to place you by September. The sooner you register, the more time we will have to help you secure a placement.

At the Helm of ISMAC:
Meet Caroline BRESSON, Director of ISMAC

A Professional Training Program Open to the World

ISMAC students are destined to work in an international environment.
Beyond languages, they are trained in cultural differences, methods, and systems, particularly with a focus on Asia.

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The Student at the Heart of the Project!
Each student has a tutor who supports them over time, and an ISMAC professor is available to them throughout the school year.

work-study program

Discover the Path to Professional Excellence with the Work-Study Programs at ISMAC. Study 2 days and work 3 days. Combine theory and practice to shape your future today!


Finance Your Studies with Special and Cumulative Offers from Caisse d’Epargne Île-de-France, our dedicated partner.
Students benefit from preferential rates.

Discover Our Trips

Discover our language stays and exchange programs in Japan, South Korea, China, the United States, and more.
Join us for an unforgettable journey!

Our program is accessible to beginners and advanced learners alike, and you may also be interested in our language courses.

Consulting workshop

At ISMAC, we offer you more than just an education: an immersion into the real world of business. Our unique workshop allows students to work directly on ……

partenariat ebs


We are thrilled to announce an exciting and strategic collaboration with EBS Paris, a renowned business school. This partnership aims to expand our educational horizons ……

Korean Language Courses

ISMAC offers Korean language courses in Paris tailored to your situation and level. Come discover a beautiful Asian language and a fascinating culture……



Are you a foreigner looking to learn French in a friendly environment? Our multilingual teams welcome you to ISMAC FLE. We will support you ……

“Hello everyone, I’m Rick and I’m an MBA student at ISMAC. My experience here has been exceptional. The courses are challenging, the professors are highly qualified, and the international atmosphere is a major advantage. I highly recommend ISMAC to anyone seeking quality education and a global perspective.

Rick Sorensen – MBA International Marketing Student”

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Rick Sorensen

New York, USA

“J’ai toujours aimé apprendre le japonais, et puis, je voulais aussi faire une école de commerce, donc j’ai trouvé l’ISMAC et j’ai trouvé que c’était une école qui associait les deux, c’était très bien. Désormais je travaille au Japon”

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Marketing France - Asie

“Hi everyone! I wanted to share my experience with you. The courses I’ve taken here are incredibly enriching, and I want to commend the expertise of our professors and guest speakers. This is undeniably one of the school’s strengths.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to the entire ISMAC team who tirelessly work to enhance our daily experience.

Saori KOARA – Third-year student, Bachelor’s program”

inlassablement pour améliorer notre expérience au quotidien.

Saori KOARA – Étudiante en troisième année, Bachelor”

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