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Korean courses 2023/2024

ISMAC offers Korean language courses in Paris tailored to your situation and level. Come discover a beautiful Asian language and an exciting culture.

Why learn Korean?

The Korean economy is particularly dynamic, and many companies are at the forefront of innovation. Learning Korean adds a professional asset for those wishing to work in relation to this country, or in a Korean company. Korean culture is fascinating. Many young people are drawn to pop music, TV series, cinema, or video games.

How will you learn Korean?

Our curriculum is based on very strict and recognized methods. A significant portion is devoted to speaking so that you can express yourself as comfortably as possible.

Our Korean teachers and our method

Our Korean teachers are degree holders in language and have one or more teaching experiences. Their teaching quality will offer you the best conditions to succeed in your learning.


* Free Trial Class *

– Spring Session –

Absolute beginner: Tuesday 09/04/2024 19h-21h

Beginner: Monday 08/04/2024 19h-21h

False beginner: Tuesday 09/04/2024 19h-21h,

Intermediate: Tuesday 09/04/2024 19h-21h

Advanced: Monday 08/04/2024 19h-21h.

Trial class registration: or via the form below

Spring Session (April 2024 – June 2024)

Absolute beginner


False beginner



Trial Class






Day of Class

Tuesday 19h-21h

Monday 19h-21h

Tuesday 19h-21h

Tuesday 19h-21h

Monday 19h-21h


16/04/2024 to 18/06/2024

15/04/2024 to 24/06/2024

16/04/2024 to 18/06/2024

16/04/2024 to 18/06/2024

15/04/2024 to 24/06/2024

Monday classes: There will be no class on Monday, May 20th.

* Absolute beginner level: No knowledge of the Korean language.

* Beginner level: For those who can already read and conjugate basic verbs in the present tense (-아요/어요).

* False beginner level: For those who know the basic verbs in the present, past, and future tenses (-아요/어요, -았어요/었어요, -(으)ㄹ 거예요).

* Intermediate level: Being able to use several endings like (으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다, 아/어/여야 되다/ (으)ㄹ 때, – 고 싶다, etc., and vocabulary (transport, weather, directions, cooking, phone, hospital, post office, etc.). The level is between levels 1 and 2 of the TOPIK.

* Advanced level: Being able to speak naturally in Korean without hesitation, using various endings and honorific affixes. The level is between levels 2 and 3 of the TOPIK.

Rate: €220 (10 sessions / 20 hours)

Rate for registering for 3 sessions: €600 (you receive a €60 discount for registering for 3 sessions, please mention this before registration)

Location: ISMAC Campus Guyton (11 Rue Guyton de Morveau, 75013 Paris)

Registration and contact:

Payment: by bank transfer

  • A minimum of 5 people must register for the course to be opened. If there are fewer than 5 people, the course will not be opened.

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