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MBA Marketing International

Practical info

Format: 2 days of classroom training

Duration: 2-year cycle
Schedule: 2 days - 20 hours/week

Tuition fees: 5200 euros net of taxes per year
MBA with RNCP title and Company rate: €8,000 per year
Application fee: €200

Campus: Paris

Language of instruction: French/English

Start date: October 2024

Admission level: Entry into MBA 1: Bachelor's degree (BAC+3) Entry into MBA 2: Master's degree (BAC+4)
and knowledge of basic digital marketing.

Degree/Title awarded: RNCP possible For further details, please contact the school.

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MBA Marketing International

The MBA in International Marketing and Communication is a BAC+5 diploma, accessible after a Bachelor’s degree or another BAC+3 diploma.
Understanding a language means first of all understanding the linguistic structure that reflects its society whole and which is rooted in its living culture. For this it is fundamental to understand the internal mode of thought intrinsic to the structure of languages ​​to communicate. This is valid for all exchanges from everyday life to the most professional. My Korean language teaching methodology is a kind of comparative research of languages, open-minded, to get as close as possible to the cultural mentality Korean through language education. Good luck everyone ! I am always here for you. 

CHOI Chungwoo

Success in Internship: Testimony of an ISMAC Partnership


The aim of the MBA International Marketing is to train students to become marketing managers in an international context. The courses provide in-depth knowledge of the marketing and communication professions, in line with the demands of the field. They also cover the more complex aspects of management and strategy in a corporate context.
The course offers an overview of the different dimensions of the marketing function: strategic, operational, digital marketing, and communication.
Alternative training possible *Contact us to find out more about our training courses with state-recognized RNCP certification.

Contact us for more information.

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