French Courses

ISMAC offers basic learning, available for all levels, to improve the language skills: written and oral expression and comprehension. You will also be able to take part in thematic workshops of linguistic and cultural deepening.

Advanced courses are oriented towards the professional world.

Proposed courses:

  • General french
  • Professional french
  • French in luxury and fashion

Terrasse à Paris

Bridging courses for solid basis in french

Bridging courses in French at ISMAC are intended for A1, A2 and B2 levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and aim at preparing for DELF and TCF (recognized test to confirm and certify your level).


  • Qualified and experienced teachers.
  • 10 hours of general French to communicate, including two and a half hours dedicated to French grammar.
  • 8 hours workshop per skills : phonetics, oral expression, written expression, vocabulary, to prepare for your TCF.
  • A cultural outing per month.

Admission fees

1 month250€
2 months500€
3 months750€
4 months900€
5 months1 150€
6 months1 300€
7 months1 400€
8 months (school year)1 500€
10 months1 650€
12 months1 800€

From everyday life to professional life. B2 level

A B2 level French course at ISMAC aims at to getting its students towards a mastery of the professional communication (writtening and oral), taking into account key situations in the French professional world such as:

  • Present yourself professionally: define your job, your field of activity, your missions, the company you work at.
  • Expressing oneself about the strategy of a company or a sector.
  • Presenting an innovative project.
  • Written communication (professional emails and letters).
  • Communication by phone.
  • Greeting a customer, informing and advising him.
  • Preparation for a job interview (CV, cover letter and interview simulations).

10 hours per week + 8 hours of workshops to reinforce knowledge

Admission fees

1 month300€
2 months600€
3 months900€
4 months1 150€
5 months1 400€
6 months1 600€
months1 700€
8 months (school year)1 800€
10 months1 900€
12 months2 000€

Luxe et mode en France

French language in fashion and creation

ISMAC offers language improvement courses designed for B1 and B2 level students who are involved in art and fashion industry. The course aims at improving communication to ensure success in the following areas:

  • Fashion (couture, fashion design, model making, creator’s story, company’s story, lingerie, fur, accessory)
  • Architecture and Interior Decoration
  • Fine Jewelery
  • Perfume
  • Hairdressing
  • Wine and Champagne
  • Gastronomy
  • Visual Arts

Admission fees

1 month350€
2 months700€
3 months1 000€
4 months1 300€
5 months1 600€
6 months1 750€
7 months1 850€
8 months (school year)2 000€
10 months2 150€
12 months2 300€


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