Facing difficulties in protecting their intellectual property in China, companies may choose to ignore this huge market. However, the situation is improving. It is possible to protect oneself, provided you know the rules of the game.

During this training, you will understand the main principles of the Intellectual Property System in China, how the patent system works, trademarks, protection at trade fairs and more generally how French entrepreneurs can manage their Intellectual Property in China.


  • Be able to build an efficient IP strategy and to avoid the risk.
  • Understand the opportunities and risks under the IP situation and system in China.
  • Understand the Intellectual Property environment in China.


PART 1 : IP system in china

This is the step to introduce the IP system in China with some basic and general information:

  • IP catalogues in China
  • IP prosecution procedure
  • Comparison with the IP system in France/Europe

PART 2 : Patent Invalidation/Investigation/Licensing in China

In this step, the lecturer will lead you to discover the advanced IP operation in China

  • Patent invalidation procedure
  • How to lead an investigation
  • How to lead a patent licensing in China

PART 3 : Business Secret and Anti-unfair competition law

The business secret and anti-unfair competition law also play a big role in IPR protection field, in this step, you will know:

  • The definition of business secret in China
  • The necessary steps for business secret protection
  • The scope of anti-unfair competition law

PART 4 : IP Strategy and risk management for SME

With all above knowledge, in this step, we will see how to apply such IP elements to build an IP strategy and to lead the risk management for SME:

  • Main factors for an IP strategy
  • The assembly of different IP aspects
  • The risk management of IP issues

PART 5 : Evaluation


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Duration 1 day (8 hours)

Level : Avancé

Speech in english

Number of participants : 3 à 12

Next dates : Contact us

Pricing : 930€ / attendee


Marketing, export and R&D managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers in relation with China.

No prerequisite. Training in english










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